About Project

Flashback is a comedy series that documents incredible, true stories of childhood blunders, embarrassments, and humiliations through re-enactments by adult actors. Each episode takes the viewers into another excruciatingly embarrassing scenario with the commentary of the individual who survived the ordeal. The series covers events such as getting beaten up on picture day, discovering masturbation, or dancing naked for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

In Episode 1 of Flashback (‘The Big Sneeze’), Lisa reflects on the time when she was a child that her parents gave her and her brother an illustrated sex education book. In it she learned about masturbation and orgasms (which the author described as being like a big sneeze). Lisa developed a habit of ‘big sneezing’ herself, but unfortunately for her, Jesus was watching her every move. When she woke up one morning to find that her entire family was gone, she assumed the Rapture had come and that she had been left behind because of her new ‘habit.’ This hilarious true tale of childhood embarrassment is relayed by Lisa herself and re-enacted by adult actors.

Written & Directed by:
Shanna Micko

Lisa Parrish, Shanna Micko, Allison King, Peter McCain, Darin Toonder

Cinematography by:
Steve Yager

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