About Project

Mini Park is a short comedy sketch written and directed by Shanna Micko.

Shanna says of the project, “When I moved into a neighborhood in Van Nuys, I was excited to see on the map that I was right around the corner from a park! But when I went to the park, ready to enjoy nature, I realized that this was no ordinary park. It was something the city calls a MINI PARK, and it was essentially made up of concrete, a couple benches, a trash can and some leaf-less trees. I was pissed! Haha. I channeled that irrational anger into this comedic short film starring two extremely funny and talented actors, Steve Yager and Dane Biren.”

Written & Directed by:
Shanna Micko

Dane Biren, Steve Yager, Jacob Smith, Debra Leigh

Sound by:
Al Lilly

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